Avant-Garde Flair | Transformable fine jewellery by MyriamSOS

What about a ring that can be worn in 18 different ways, or a bracelet that doubles as a pair of earrings? Myriam Soselios, the designer behind fine jewellery brand MyriamSOS, creates collections of design-led jewellery pieces that are transformable to a variety of different forms and silhouettes.

Born into a family of accountants, Myriam Soselios was always expected to join the family business. She pursued a number of different career paths -- advertising, journalism, and of course accountancy, before she found her true calling. Myriam explored the world of design and realised that jewellery was where she could find the sense of satisfaction she had been looking for.

IMAGE CREDITS } Myriam Soselios

Her jewellery brand, MyriamSOS, stands for versatile and multi-functional yet elegant pieces. The brand currently has three collections: Transformers, Skyline, and Naked Square. A new collection called Otherworldly is being launched in May.

The award-winning Transformers collection is a playful and engineering-inspired take on jewellery. The pieces in this collection are, as suggested by its name, transformable. The collection is filled with hinged links and screws made in rose gold and covered in white and black diamonds. It includes a ring (titled ”in/out square eternity ring/pendant”) that can be worn in 18 different ways and a piece called ”four of a kind” that can be worn as a bracelet, two different pairs of earrings, and a ring. Another seemingly simple but stand-out object is the ”rotating ring” that can be altered in two different versions by rotating a small, triangle-formed part to show either a white triangle sapphire or pavé set pink sapphires.

IMAGE CREDITS } Four of a Kind Long Earring & Bracelet Black side

Skyline is inspired by the designer’s travels around the globe and to different cities: London, Hong Kong, New York, and Paris. The powerful skyscrapers and the architectural shapes found in each city are translated into curves and streamlined silhouettes. Like in the Transformers collection, playfulness is a key feature of the Skyline collection. The pieces are made out of rose gold set with black and white diamonds and gemstones such as aquamarines and emeralds.

IMAGE CREDITS } The ”taj mahal ring” from the Skyline collection

Among the buildings represented in the collection are the Taj Mahal, Klystron Gallery (the longest modern building in the world), and Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur. They are interpreted in a very abstract and simplified way highlighting a specific shape, effect, or detail of the architectural structure. One example is the ”taj mahal ring” where the focus is the mathematical aspects of the building. The piece consists of a ring divided into three, two that are stacked and one that is attached to the other two by a thin chain. The ring portrays the reflection of the prayer towers in the water.

IMAGE CREDITS } The ”rain drop” earrings from the Skyline collection

The Naked Square collection is the result of in-depth research into the ”grammar of shapes”. The collection’s core is the square and the exploration of its inner, deeper meaning. Naked comes from the integration of the design elements; naked materials, naked design, naked uniqueness, and naked craftsmanship. The naked materials stand for a completely handmade collection using traditional materials in contemporary forms and colours. Naked design stands for pure, square lines and simplification of form that’s still impressive. The naked uniqueness comes from the fact that square shapes are less frequently used in classic diamond jewellery. Naked craftsmanship reflects the expert use of hand stone-setting using the smallest possible size of diamonds that can be set by hand.

IMAGE CREDITS } The ”scarf pendant” from the Naked Square collection

Otherworldly is the latest, limited edition collection of MyriamSOS that was unveiled at IFF Magic in Tokyo at the end of April this year. The collection is suggestive of an architectural discipline playing with minimalism, space and movement until the clean geometric lines and the dynamic curvatures are refined into a powerful construction. The essence of the designer, who always challenges the wearer with jewellery that needs to be seen on a body to make sense, is reflected in this collection more than ever before. The visually compelling and angular collection gives an insight into the world of Myriam Soselios.

IMAGE CREDITS } Pieces from the latest collection “Otherworldly”

Playfulness, experimentation, and contemporary elegance are the common denominators of all MyriamSOS’s collections. The concept of transformable jewellery speaks to the minimalist who seeks sophisticated items that are versatile and modular. As every piece can be altered and worn in multiple ways, it encourages the wearer to play and try different versions, steering away from the concept of mass-consumption, and towards reinvention. It also speaks to the avant-gardist with a futuristic flair who looks for unique and interesting jewellery.

by Mikaela Erson