The concept of Luxury has changed radically since the advent of the Digital Era, becoming more abstract and often too intellectual for producers, designers, makers and marketers.

While Luxury has become an experiential journey, products that look the same, reflecting a lack of creativity, are no longer appealing to Millennial or sophisticated communities.

Decoding society is a key factor for implementing new values into a creative process, new business strategies and alternative types of distribution.

The Futurist Luxury Forecast helps to interpret consumer culture and emerging shifts in society into applicable solutions.

From Art and Culture, to Consumers, Design themes, materials and textures.

Colours and gemstones, design motifs and silhouettes and visual data are collected, analysed and decoded by The Futurist Creative team into pragmatic solutions for you, Ideas, Collections and Story Telling campaigns.

The Futurist Luxury report is published twice a year, with monthly updates on our website with: Collections, Inspirations, Ideas, Reports and Analysis.

We focus on: jewellery, bejewelled accessories, decor and beauty.